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Muslim-Christian Dialogues in the Mughal Court in India: Context, Process and Achievements

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 22 June 2024


milad mirchenari; javad morshedloo

Analysis of Hadith Controversies with Imams in the Category of "Community Building"

Volume 17, Issue 32, April 2023, Pages 23-52


Ayyuob Amraei; ََAhmad Fallahzadeh; Maryam Nazarbaygei

Osmaniye Thought and Ahmad-Ibn-Hanbal's Motivations in Presenting the Discourse of Tarbi'a

Volume 16, Issue 31, December 2022, Pages 75-107


Masoud Bahramian; Mahdi Salah; Ahmad Falahzadeh

The position of non-religious factors in victory of Arab Moslem in conquest of Iran

Volume 15, Issue 29, November 2021, Pages 75-101


Zahra Jahan; Mohammadtaghi Imanpour; Javad Abbasi; Hossain Moftakhari

A study of Ilkhanids Punitive campaigns to the Territory of of Iran Local Governors; A Case Study of Lure Bozorg local government.

Volume 15, Issue 28, August 2021, Pages 263-284


Hossein hashemzadeh- dorcheh-abedi; Faiz- allah boushasb- goshe; Sayyid Ali Reza abtahi

Explaining the grounds and causes of the formation and continuity of the Ibadiyya religion in Oman

Volume 14, Issue 27, November 2020, Pages 53-80


mostafa pirmoradian; fereshteh boosaidi; zahra Hossein Hashemi

Tazkirāt Al-A’ima; Features and bibliographic challenges around it

Volume 14, Issue 27, November 2020, Pages 137-156


Hadi Salehizadeh; ebrahim noei; Abbas Ahmadvand

The Economic Contexts of Social Movements in Toledo during the Umayyad era

Volume 14, Issue 26, September 2020, Pages 51-72


MuhammadAmin Zargar; Fatemeh JanAhmadi; Muhammadreza Hafeznia

Factors Influencing the Development of Isfahan's "Urban Economics" in the Safavid Era

Volume 14, Issue 26, September 2020, Pages 163-184


Zafrian Darab; NAser Jadidi; Soheila Torabi Farsani